The New Standard for Synthetic Biology Companies

Made in the USA

Gen9 is raising the bar for Synthetic Biology companies as the premier next-generation gene synthesis company focusing on high-quality, high-throughput, automated production of DNA constructs. The Gen9 technology allows for the lowest-cost and highest-quality DNA constructs commercially available. All of your genes are produced in our manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts (The hub of Synthetic Biology). We will never offshore your sequences.

Founded by world leaders in synthetic biology, Gen9 aims to ensure the constructive application of synthetic biology in industries ranging from enzyme and chemical production to pharmaceuticals and biofuels.  As an active member of the International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC), Gen9 screens all submitted sequences against databases of known pathogens and toxins from the United States, European Union and Australia.

Gen9 has produced the first ‘fab’ for synthetic biology – the BioFab® platform, which was chosen by “The Scientist” as the #1 innovation of 2012. The Gen9 BioFab® platform was conceived, designed and implemented to fill the gene synthesis void. As researchers’ understanding of gene sequence data increases, their ability to design and improve genes, pathways and organisms using synthetic biology techniques will also increase. Gen9 is helping catalyze this new biological revolution with large amounts of high quality, inexpensive genes.