What lengths of synthetic genes can you synthesize?

Gen9 currently has custom gene synthesis services for genes ranging from 500bp to 10kbp. Please talk to your Gen9 sales representative for more information about orders outside of the standard product range.

How many genes can I order at one time?

Gen9 is a high-volume provider of synthesized genes. Gen9 has no problem fulfilling large orders, and we routinely take orders larger than 1,000,000 base pairs of DNA.

Is there a minimum order size?

Because Gen9 specializes in high quality, high throughput DNA synthesis we do have a minimum order size. The minimum order size is 20,000bp (e.g. 40 constructs of 500bp, 20 constructs of 1kb, 7 constructs of 3kb, or 3 constructs of 7kb). Of course the sequence lengths do not need to be uniform, and can be mixed between our GeneBit, GeneByte and GeneByte Plus products.

What are your Design Guidelines?

Gen9 has created Design Guidelines to assist you in your experimental design. If your project requires the synthesis of constructs that fall outside of our standard guidelines please contact a Gen9 Support Scientist and mention that you would like to use our Design Services.

How do I place an order?

You can submit your sequences in the Gen9 Gene Synthesis Sequence Submission Form Excel file via our website or in an email to orders@gen9bio.com. All polynucleotide construct sequences must be assigned a unique ID. For orders requiring cloning services please also follow our Vector Checklist and send us your vector.

What happens to my order after it is received by Gen9?

Gen9 will review your submitted sequences for compliance to our Design Guidelines and work with you on any sequences that fall outside of our technical specifications. After sequence acceptance you will receive your order sequences in 20 business days. Whether you order 25,000 base pairs of DNA or 2,500,000 base pairs of DNA, we will generally ship your order in 20 business days.

Does Gen9 screen for restricted sequences?

As an active member of the International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC), Gen9 will screen your submitted sequences against databases of known pathogens and toxins from the United States, European Union and Australia. If your sequences hit members of these restricted sequences lists via our internal searches additional information regarding your research may be requested before synthesis of your constructs begins. To protect the research interests of our customers Gen9 performs all pathogen screens internally, securely and in isolation from all other orders.

When does the clock start on my 20 day turnaround time?

In all cases the clock starts after we have analyzed and accepted the sequences. Prior to sequence acceptance, we should have received a PO, and if the order involves cloning, we should have received the customer’s vector aliquot. Also, in the case of a newly supplied vector, it will take our technical team up to 10 days to validate the quality and identity of the vector.

How are the synthetic genes shipped?

Gen9 will send your order in 96-well 500 µl deep-well plates. Synthetic constructs are dried down in a 10mM Tris (pH 8.5) solution, so the solubilized DNA will be in an appropriately buffered solution with the addition of water only. Along with the synthetic gene, you will receive a packing list and a summary report which can be used to map the ordered customer sequences to a plate and well ID. Gen9 can also provide the sequencing results if requested.

What is the price per base pair of a synthesized gene?

Frankly, it is better than what you would pay with any of the traditional gene synthesis companies. Because Gen9 employs an innovative, high throughput process to synthesize all of our genes and gene fragments we are able to offer very competitive pricing.

Can I get my genes cloned into a vector?

Yes, we are happy to put your ordered sequences into your vector. When ordering genes that will be cloned into a customer supplied vector please submit the requested information about your vector. Also, you will need to ship your vector to Gen9.

Does Gen9 offer sequence design services?

Yes, the Gen9 Support Scientists will be happy to help you with your design needs.

Does Gen9 offer synthesized variant libraries?

We are very excited to offer variant libraries to our customers. Whether you are interested in small rationally designed libraries or high diversity libraries, Gen9 help you.

How is quality assurance performed?

Gen9 utilizes a number of analytical methods, monitoring purity, yield and sequence fidelity, to assure that we are always shipping a high quality product.