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Gen9 is Powering the Synthetic Biology Revolution

Currently, Gen9 offers multiple synthetic biology solutions for researchers who need high quality DNA. Our award winning BioFab® process is remarkably flexible and very high throughput; allowing us to make the genes you need quickly at the highest quality available at lengths up to 10kb.

If you are focused on:

Building Pathways

The GeneByte Plus products will fit your needs. These constructs are long enough to contain a pathway, or like some of our customers, you can further assemble a handful of them to make 50kb constructs.

Antibody Affinity Maturation

Try our Variant Libraries product to find that antibody that can bind in the nanomolar range. To further refine your antibody, use a small rationally designed library approach by ordering a few plates of our GeneBit product.

Enzyme Engineering

Use our GeneByte or Variant Libraries product for your enzyme engineering needs. Whether you are designing your enzymes with Rosetta, making random variations across an active site, or testing all of the orthologs found in nature, Gen9 gene synthesis products can help.