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Custom Gene Synthesis Services

Highest quality, 100% sequence-verified, clonal DNA constructs at unprecedented value

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Variant Libraries

Synthetic Variant DNA Libraries

Rationally designed synthetic DNA libraries with more of what you want and less of what you don't

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Multiplex Access Parternship (MAP)

Mass quantities of synthetic DNA for as low as 3 cents per base pair for high-volume, industrial users

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Best-in-class DNA Design Tools

DNA design tools, powered by Benchling, that brings the power of the BioFab platform to your fingertips.

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Changing Gene Synthesis

Through 2017, we'll supply Ginkgo Bioworks with 300 million base pairs of pathway-length synthetic DNA. This agreement represents an unprecedented synthetic biology partnership that changes the game in gene synthesis. Watch the video to learn more about what this collaboration means for the synthetic biology industry and the future of synthetic DNA.



In The News

The Gen9 Blog

Check out the latest and greatest regarding our gene synthesis technology and synthetic DNA libraries, read interviews with synthetic biology leaders, and get our take on everything going on in the field.
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The BioFab® Platform

Since 2012, we've built hundreds of megabases of synthetic DNA with our high-throughput BioFab platform, the first and only industrialized, chip-based manufacturing technology for gene synthesis and assembly.  


DNA Design

Our best-in-class online portal, powered by Benchling, makes DNA design and ordering easier than ever before.

Error Correction

Our superior error correction technologies provide efficient, accurate builds of long-length DNA.

Chip to Gene

Our sophisticated design algorithms and on-chip DNA printing allow for massively parallel, high-throughput gene synthesis.

Clonal Selection

Tired of picking clones? With Gen9 DNA, there's no need. We deliver clonal constructs every time.

Multiplex Assembly

Multiplex assembly enables tremendous scale down of reagents and costs.

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS is used to ensure you always receive 100% sequence-verified constructs, ready for use in your application.

What They're Saying

“Long pieces of DNA are essential to metabolic engineering, and Gen9 is the best in the world at building large constructs. We’re delighted to work with Gen9 on this unprecedented order of pathway-length DNA synthesis."
Jason Kelly
Founder and CEO
Ginkgo Bioworks
“We are revolutionizing the way chemicals are produced and Gen9’s capabilities are a perfect fit for our technology.”

Alexandre Zanghellini, Ph.D
Co-founder & CEO
Arzeda Corporation

What's your BIG idea?

We're working with the scientists that are changing the world through the limitless possibilities of synthetic biology. If you're working on a project with synthetic DNA, we'd love to talk with you. Fill out the form to tell us more about your research and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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