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    As the high throughput supplier of synthesized genes, Gen9 is “Powering the Synthetic Biology Revolution”. Our customers use synthesized genes to program cells into high-value product factories.

    Gen9’s synthesized DNA constructs are used in numerous synthetic biology applications including antibody engineering, peptide and enzyme engineering, gene and pathway building, and genome construction.

    Who is using Gen9 Gene Synthesis Products?

    Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies

    The combination of synthetic biology and antibody engineering will allow rapid discovery of disease stabilizing antibodies and antibody-conjugates. This is also true for peptide screening, which can now be done rapidly and inexpensively with degenerate gene libraries.

    The Biofuels Industry

    Many have the goal of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and biofuel development is growing rapidly in response. Turning cells into factories that inexpensively produce biofuels is one way that synthetic biology can significantly improve people’s lives.

    Materials, Chemicals, & Consumer Products

    Traditionally, the enzymes industry has taken advantage of the great diversity of natural enzymes for use in detergents, food processing, and pulp & paper manufacturing. Synthetic biology will allow industrial manufactures to not only tune known enzymes but also design enzymes that do not currently exist.

    Agricultural Industry

    Increasing food production per acre of land is an important initiative. Synthetic biology will bring down costs, help farmers use less pesticide, and make plants more drought resistant. The ensuing rush of innovation in the agricultural industry is likely to come through gene manipulation, which will enable efficient and flexible design of new traits.

    Academic Research Institutions

    International efforts to create and understand novel model organisms, biological switches, and biological sensors have led to an upsurge of interest in synthetic biology in many academic and nonprofit research institutions. The field of synthetic biology was born from the marriage of genetic engineering and systems biology; the growth of research in synthetic biology has been extensive since its genesis. The Gen9 founders and SAB members are at the forefront of the synthetic biology revolution.